Lions beside Ngorogoro Lake
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For the adventurous traveller, discovering Africa by land is the beginning of an incredible journey into a vast land that time and progress have barely changed. Remote and untouched areas of African heartland provide a unique backdrop for an unforgettable insight into the world's most diverse and intriguing continent.


In a land where travel can be full of the unexpected, we understand that reassurance is vital to peace of mind. With many years experience in overland travel, Phoenix's crew combine a passion for Africa and her cultures with extensive knowledge of the terrain. From mechanical expertise to leadership skills and local know how, rest assured that OUR experience is your passport to the adventure of a lifetime. All we ask from YOU is team spirit, curiosity, and above all an open mind...

Thatched bar overlooking watering hole


Throughout your journey in Africa you'll travel in comfortable yet rugged safari trucks, built in Phoenix Expeditions' workshop in England and maintained to the highest standards by mechanics in Africa. The trucks are constructed to
Phoenix expedition vehicle

Phoenix's unique design which allows plenty of space for passengers and baggage as well as excellent viewing and travelling comfort. In Turkey and the Middle East some of our itineraries use an air conditioned coach. For all the details see vehicles.


Above all it is important to understand that our expeditions are not for the conventional holiday-maker. Africa is a demanding and sometimes primitive continent to explore.

Tree stump beside dunes at Sossussvlei

Although aimed at all age groups, the majority of travellers are British, Australians and Europeans in their 20's and 30's and from all walks of life.
Our two person expedition crew comprises an experienced driver and mechanic as well as a tour leader whose job is to organise activities, provide information and smooth out the minor problems which are an inevitable part of any journey in developing Africa. Together, they will ensure that you have one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your life.

So what are you waiting for...

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